Housing Committee Toolkit

Vermont has a housing shortage.

All over Vermont families are paying more than they can afford in rent, people can’t find homes to purchase within their price range, employers have a difficult time hiring because prospective employees can’t find housing, and there aren’t enough quality housing options for a variety of incomes.

Local planning and zoning policies and regulations play an important role in ensuring an adequate supply of safe, inclusive, affordable homes. Many communities are actively involved in identifying local housing needs and finding local solutions through Housing Committees. 

Whether it’s a municipally-supported committee, subcommittee of the planning commission, resident advocacy group, housing discussion meet-up, or any other group that seeks to support or change the quality, quantity, affordability, and/or inclusiveness of housing in a community, a local Housing Committee can be an effective tool for addressing affordable housing needs and promoting equal housing opportunity.

We are in the process of creating an online Housing Committee Toolkit, which will include success stories, best practices, and resources for existing committees and communities who want to learn more. This resource is intended to stimulate community conversations, local leadership, and policy change, as needed, to increase inclusive, fair, and affordable housing. We intend to profile existing housing committees and to work with the Vermont Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) to incorporate the Housing Committee Toolkit into its broader Housing Readiness Toolkit (in development).

ARE YOU A VERMONT MUNICIPAL OFFICIAL?  Please take a few minutes to fill out our Municipal Housing Survey.  The short survey is intended for municipal officials and includes questions about challenges to meeting local housing needs and whether or not your town has a housing needs assessment, housing trust fund, or housing committee. The survey deadline is Jan. 18, 2019.

Thriving Communities is a statewide campaign of the CVOEO Fair Housing Project in partnership with housing, planning, and development organizations to increase awareness about the economic and social benefits of inclusive, fair, and affordable housing. Steering committee:  CVOEO, Vermont Housing Finance Agency, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board, Vermont Department of Housing & Community Development, Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition, Housing Vermont, Champlain Housing Trust, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, Vermont Human Rights Commission, and AARP.